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About Us

About Us

Hello we are a husband and wife team and many of you already know my wife Susan, as she has been working for years down at the Evergreen Store, heck she even worked there while John Vance was still the BOSS. We long time mountain residents know him. I on the other hand new John and Richard while I was just a child as we used to race motorcycles and play war that is Richard, I and all of the other neighborhood kids.

We moved onto Bull Run back in late 1997 and I was always busy with my business in Fairfax so I really never got know to many people in this area as I was always out of the area working for a living. Well to cut a long story short I became disabled in 2003 and spent the next 5 years learning to get around my disabilities, so this is why Susan and I (TC) have started this opportunity as I may not be as good as I once was, but I am as good once as I have ever have been. LOL…

Anyway we have started our joint effort to bring mobile power washing to the Haymarket area and Bull Run Mountain area, and we hope to hire new people and to grow over the next few years. So at this time and as it will always be, we work by appointment only and we have setup a contact us page for you to voice your request.

What we offer is mobile deck washing at your home or business, truck and equipment cleaning at your lot as we have a portable water supply when needed. We also do driveway, brick walkways homes and many other services.

So make your life shine today and into the future just a little love now will make your life glow now and will save you bigger results for your future.

Thanks for reading Tom & Susan Cardwell of Youngs Dr Haymarket…..

Bullrun Mountain, Va